Freezer Meat Products from Cedar Villa Angus Farms
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We work closely with Zehr’s Country Market, in Dashwood, Ontario to process our cattle and pigs. Working with a small abattoir ensures that we can give detailed instructions for cutting, and preparation and wrapping. We choose to have our products vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. 

beef products
Beef Products

Black Angus

  • Cow-calf operation, meaning that a herd of Mother Cows is maintained to produce calves for sale

  • Calves remain with their mother cow and herd on Pasture 

  • In addition to the grass they eat on pasture, the calves are finished on hay & mixed grains which have been custom used on our farm for generations

  • Free of added hormones and steroids

  • Our cattle hang for two weeks before being processed. 

Pork Products


  • locally born weaners raised in non-crowded, loose housing

  • Consistent fresh straw bedding, water and air flowing through the barn, ensures a high quality product

  • Fed without growth hormones